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FIXING PUBLIC EDUCATION is a practical book dedicated to rejuvenating public education.”
–Melissa Masters PhD, author of The Art of Life

The January Education Model (JEM) is revolutionary education because it is student-centered. In FIXING PUBLIC EDUCATION ten very experienced, intelligent and caring educators, led by Dr. Anthony Dallmann-Jones, portray what the ideal education can look like.

It begins with assessing the child’s prior knowledge, strengths, interests and talents and building on those to educate each child towards their own individual greatness. Each child has a genius inside but just needs the right model to lead it out…a model that helps teachers manifest the best in each child.

“The biggest problem will be trying to get the kids out of the building at the end of the day.”
–Author and Editor, Anthony Dallmann-Jones, PhD

Educating for Human Greatness – available at Amazon

Shadow Children – available at Amazon

Primary Domino Thinking
PDT Book“A simple system to program your subconscious to produce the results you want in any area of your Life and work. True words of wisdom, written in plain & easy to recognize language. Understated, timeless wisdom on the creative process distilled into simple, easily understood steps.” George Copsey