About Anthony Dallmann-Jones

Anthony Dallmann-Jones, a published author of 12 books, including SHADOW CHILDREN and FIXING PUBLIC EDUCATION, has published his story of a very special year as a showcase for understanding nine year-old boys, a unique year because it is about this time that a change in brain development seriously begins to challenge current ways of thinking and behaving.

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Other Books by Anthony dallmann-Jones


A revealing book for parents, teachers, counselors and psychologists –
anyone who wishes to understand what happens to children who are
survivors of dysfunctional upbringing and the hidden baggage they
bring with them. Sometimes not so secret.


Ongoing tales of Hookers, Angels, Nuts & Snakes – The Incredibly
Strange Mattoon Dynasty that began with three illegitimate sisters
and two brothers spawned from Ruby Mondragon – a worker at the ‘Evening Boarding House’ in Nashville during the Civil War. A highly entertaining semi-fiction saga from a century of unusual family tales from 1860– 1960. Story series will be purchasable for .99 as they come out.

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Blog Creative Anthony Thoughts

Anthony conducted a popular workshop all over the US titled: Birth, Death &
Other Minor Annoyances He was also “Dr. Zest” for many years on K107

In this blog he shares entertaining thoughts about The Art of Life, and funny
things we can all laugh and lament with a smile.

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