Anthony Dallmann-Jones, a published author of 16 books, including

  • GRIT: Entrepreneurial Drive
  • Personal & Professional Transformation
  • Kill Stress Before It Kills You
  • Shadow Children
  • Fixing Public Education

has published this story – Crabapple – about a very special year as a showcase for understanding nine year-old boys. Nine is a unique year because it is about this time that a change in brain development seriously begins to challenge current ways of thinking and behaving.

“Nine year-old boys are a special breed,” Dr. Dallmann-Jones explains. “Around the age of nine the brain’s gray matter actually increases…and with that comes the ability to think abstractly for the first time. It is a new world and with it comes an awareness of their own mortality – also for the first time.”

What makes CRABAPPLE unique – actually bizarre?

The story centers on Tony Boy, a blonde, freckled kid heading in the wrong direction in Post-WWII Alabama. The predictable trajectory for a boy from a dysfunctional family is interrupted by a large and mysterious woman. She enters his life by pulling him into her small house adjacent to his Tuscaloosa elementary school after catching him stealing her backyard crabapples. This chapter in Tony Boy’s life might be called, ‘Let the Life-Changing Lessons Begin!’ In a series of return visits to ‘The Witch’s Cottage’ Tony Boy experiences an incredible new world – a world he may have never known had not this woman, who has a seriously dark past of her own, taken him under her wing.